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A widow went to the temple to give her tithe offering, and she was surrounded by rich people who offered large amounts of their wealth. And Jesus summoned His disciples and acknowledged the poor woman for she gave out of her poverty, put in what she had lived on (two copper coins, worth less than a penny), everything she had. (Mark 12:41-44). Our Lord Jesus did not care about the amount of the people give. After all, no one can ever outgive God because He created the universe and the earth and everything in it, including the precious metals and stones in the whole universe. God owns everything. He does not need our money, gold, silvers, etc. What He wants is our hearts. If we offer something to God, and our hearts are not right, and it is not coming from our gratitude and love towards Him, it will not mean anything to Him.

I remember when I was still going to Bible college in California and living in Las Vegas. Before driving back to California to go back to school, I went to church, and God put in my heart to give all the money I had in my pocket to the tithe offering bag. I knew that I would not have money for gas until I got back to school. God was teaching me to trust Him in my giving. The poor widow trusted God with all she had lived on. She gave everything, and the God who was the source of the very existence of life acknowledged her. As I gave everything I had, I had such peace that God would take care of me and provide everything I needed, and God did just that. After I graduated from Bible College, He called me to become a missionary to the Philippines, and I had to trust Him for everything I needed. He never failed to provide everything that I needed. Actually, He blessed me more.

The questions that we need to answer in our hearts are how much do we value our God? and how much do we trust Him? If we only have 50 cents or 1,000 dollars in our name, are we willing to give tithe offering to God from the gratitude of our hearts? Or are we using our giving for the sake of getting blessings from God? God blesses us not because of our giving, but He blesses us because of the motive of our giving. May we give to God what is due to Him, and that is our heart.

Ask yourself these questions: How much do I value God in my life? How much do I trust God in my life?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, I acknowledge that you created everything, including my very life. You have given me everything that I have. I was naked when I was born and did not have anything. You have provided me parents that cared for me. You have provided me shelter, clothes, and all my possessions. Thank you for everything that you have done and given. Please help me to show my appreciation, love, and trust towards you in my giving. I pray these things in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.


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