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Love Is Ministry


Love Is Ministry Bible Institute provides comprehensive theological training to Christian leaders and pastors who do not have the time or the means to go to Bible college or seminary education. The Biblical and theological training is provided by the Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP). 

Our mission is to train pastors and Christian leaders with theological training so that they can effectively teach the word of God and equip others to fulfill the Great Commission. We extend our theological training to the refugee pastors and Christian leaders so that they can equip their own community with the Word of God.


The theological training is consists of 520 hours of interactive classroom lectures and discussions, and it takes about 2 years to complete. All our courses are seminary-level courses and can get credit from our seminary partners, such as Dallas Theological Seminary, through advanced standing. 


Course Name
It is a three-part course that teaches the basic principles of missions, evangelism, and discipleship.
Church History Survey
Designed to introduce the principal people and the development of the major political, the historical, the spiritual, and the cultural movement of the church throughout its 2000 year history.
Church Ministry/Administration/Education
This course is designed to introduce pastors and church leaders to the basic principles related to the nature, structure, and function of the church to carry out its functional roles in the areas of ministry, administration, and education.
Teaching Principles and Methods
Designed to equip pastors and church leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach God's Word.
Personal Spiritual Life
This course is designed to teach pastors and church leaders the basic concepts and principles of the spiritual life.
Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry
Preaching Biblical Messages is designed to equip and train pastors with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare and communicate expository messages from God's Word. Pastoral Ministry is designed to equip pastors with knowledge and practical skills required for effective ministry in the church.
Bible Doctrine Survey
A survey and summary of the ten major doctrines of the Bible with an emphasis on the pastor or church leader knowing God more fully while understanding and practicing sound theology
New Testament Survey
An overview survey of the New Testament focusing on the theme, purpose, structure, and basic content of each individual book and relating each book to the whole Bible.
Old Testament Survey
A broad overview and survey of the Old Testament designed to emphasize the structure, theme, and message of the Old Testament and each of its 39 individual books.
Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation
An introduction to basic Bible study methods and rules of interpretation with emphasis on accurately understanding and obeying God's word the development of practical skills.

The theological training is structured to only offer one course at a time.  The schedule of each course can be one or two day(s) per week with 3 hours per day. The students will receive a certificate upon completing all the courses.  

Registration Cost: $100 (Includes the class materials)

Requirement: Study Bible 

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