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Trying to fit in is something that a lot of people are struggling with. People do not want to be different because they want to be accepted. As a result, they start compromising who they are for fear of being judged and rejected. They are no longer living for themselves, but they are now living for others' expectations. As believers in the Lord, we are no longer living for this world's expectations, but God calls us to live as His children. God has a unique purpose for each one of us. We need to keep on following God's ways and not to compromise who we are in Christ.

Melvin came to the US with his godly mother as refugees from Tanzania. Because of his age, they put him in 9th grade. As he went to his class, he realized that he was different. His English was not good, and the students had a different culture than he had. However, he wanted to fit in right away, so he met some students that he could talk to and started hanging out with them. On Sundays, Melvin went to a Swahili speaking church with his mother and his siblings, and they asked him to be a part of the choir or worship band because he could sing very well. However, as he started hanging out more with his friends at school, he wanted to fit in with them. Soon, Melvin began having difficulty with his church because his heart was no longer there. He knew from his heart that he was drifting away from God, but he kept on ignoring God because he wanted to fit in. Eventually, Melvin stopped going to church, and his mother was sad, but he already made up his mind. He started smoking, drinking, and skipping school. But when he started failing his classes, he realized that his life was going in the wrong way. He remembered his father's advice when he was still alive in Africa, "never forget who you are and keep pursuing what is good." He decided to turn his life again to God and stopped doing what his friends were doing. He eventually finished high school and went to college with a computer science degree as a programmer.

When we set aside God for the sake of fitting into this world, we are forfeiting the wonderful plan of God in our lives. The only way to have a better life is never to forget who we are in Christ Jesus and continue to walk in His ways.

Ask yourself these questions: How should I live my life in this world? What is the important lesson that I learned from this devotion?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for having a wonderful plan in my life. Please help me never to forget who I am in you and continue to follow your ways. Please help me now with (mention your prayer requests). In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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