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At the beginning of creation, God created the light. The whole universe was once in darkness until God made two great lights that govern the day and the night. God created the light so that we can survive as human beings. We need the light to see. But there is something more important than the physical light that allows us to see. Jesus was talking about the spiritual darkness in everyone's soul. When sin entered into the world through the sin of Adam, all human beings fell into spiritual darkness. Every person lost their way to God, and that the sins of this world blinded the hearts of every person. Jesus came to bring the spiritual light, and those who will believe in Him will receive His spiritual light.

The evidence of spiritual darkness in the souls of humankind is very clear. As we watch or hear the news today, we see people committing crimes. People are blaming the government for all the injustices that are going around us. People are suffering because of corruption. But the problem of all of these is the sinful heart of every person. Without the light of Christ shining in every person's heart, sin will continue to rule. This is the reason Jesus Christ came into our world to be our light. He is the light that guides us back to God and leads us to righteousness.

As believers in Christ, we have the light of life because Jesus is in us. He is the light that shines in our hearts so that we can know His truth and walk in His ways. There are times that we do not know what to do or which direction to go, but as we trust in the Lord, God will shine in our path and show us the right way. Let us keep on living in the light of Christ and keep on following Him.

Ask yourself these questions: Why do I need the light of Christ? How can I receive the light of Christ in my life? Do I have the light of Christ in my heart?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, as my light. Please continue to shine in my life that I may know your truth and live in them. Please continue to guide me and protect me from the lies of Satan. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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