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When Joseph was cleaning his master's house and no other men around, his master's wife came up to him and wanted to lie with him. But he refused, so the wife tried to grab him, but he managed to get away from her. However, as he was running away, the wife was able to hold his garment. So Joseph fled without his garment, and his master's wife screamed and accused Joseph of trying to rape her. When his master came home, his wife told him that Joseph tried to rape her and showed her Joseph's garment. His master was so furious that he threw Joseph in Jail, the place where the king's prisoners were confined. The king's prison was the worst jail that a person could be confined into because it was designed for the king's enemies. There were only two outcomes from this prison: death or freedom. With Joseph, he was as good as dead because he was a slave (a property with no rights) accused of trying to rape his master's wife. (Genesis 39:10-20).

Despite all of these, Joseph's faith in God never wavered. He chose to continue to believe and surrender his life to God. Joseph has never done anything wrong. He was faithful in serving his master and pleased God in everything he did, yet he ended up in the worst place and wrongfully accused by his master's wife. Perhaps many of us would question God's goodness in our lives when we go through something like this. If our only expectation of God is to give us blessings, answer our problems, and protect us from harm and sickness, especially when we are serving Him and giving tithes and offerings to Him, in that case, we will become bitter against God. The reason is that we equate God's blessings with our good works. As long as we obey, serve, and give offerings to God, we expect God's blessings and protection. Another scenario is that we blame ourselves for being in a bad situation because of what we have done. However, Joseph had never done anything wrong.

As believers, regardless of what happens to us, we always need to anchor our lives and faith in God. Even when we do not know the outcome of our circumstances, we need to continue to surrender our lives to Him and believe that God is good. Because in due time, all the sufferings that we are going through will reveal God's glory. When a plant is being pruned, the plant bleeds with sap, but it produces new healthy branches and beautiful flowers when its branches heal. God is bigger than our sufferings, and as His children, He will never leave nor forsake us. God loves us to the end, and His love for us is not based on our good works but on who we are as His children. Always remember that we are loved no matter what we have done.

Ask yourself these questions: Where should I anchor my life, especially when the storms of life come bearing down on me? Do I believe that God loves me as His child? Do I believe that God is with me in my sufferings and will be there for me to strengthen and comfort me?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in heaven, there are many questions in life that I do not have the answer to, but I believe in you. I believe that as your child, I will always be secure in your arms, even when my life is over on this earth. I believe that for all the concerns that I have, you will take care of them according to your wonderful plan and purpose. So please help me to always trust and believe that you are my good and faithful heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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