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One of the most dangerous things that a believer can do is to stray away from the Lord. Straying away means choosing to walk away from God's ways to pursue our own ways. There are times that the ways of this world are too appealing for us that we want to follow its ways. When we choose our ways instead of God's ways, there are always consequences. It is true that God is always there to protect us, but if we decide not to listen to His ways, God may allow us to suffer the consequences of our rebellious decision to discipline us. The reason that we have the Bible is for Him to teach us His ways so that we can be protected from Satan's lies and scheme to destroy us, but if we are not going to listen, we are in danger of allowing Satan to hurt or make us suffer.

Samson grew up in a godly family. His parents dedicated him to God when he was still very young. God gave him tremendous power to protect the nation of Israel from their enemies. However, his weakness was the women in the land. He knew that it was wrong for him to marry an unbeliever, but he liked Delilah. As a result, it was through Delilah that his enemies defeated him. In the end, his enemies blinded him and put him in chains. God finally restored his strength and was able to kill his enemies by sacrificing his own life (Judges 16). Another person that strayed away from God's way was Dinah. She was the only daughter of Jacob. When Jacob and his family moved to the land of Shechem, God warned them not to associate with the Shechemites people because they practice ungodliness. However, Dinah was fascinated with the Shechemites women that she started hanging out with them. One day, she decided to visit them, even though she knew that she was disobeying her father and God's command by doing it. As a result, when the son of the ruler of the land saw her, she was raped. When two of Dinah's brothers found out what they did to her, they killed all the males in the land (Genesis 34).

Samson and Dinah could have avoided their tragic and painful experience by not straying away from God's ways. However, they chose to reject God's ways. God wants us to follow His ways all the time. God's desire for us is to have an abundant life. He wants to bless our lives as we continue to follow Him. Let us not live the way this world lives. We need to continue to live for God.

Ask yourself these questions: Am I willing to follow God's ways? Why is it so dangerous to stray away from God? What should I do if I am straying away from God?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you that I have your word to guide me through this life. I do not want to stray away from you because I know that Satan is always there to destroy me. If I am straying away from you, please forgive me and bring me back to you. I want to walk in your ways again. Please help me now with (mention your prayer requests). In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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