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Our God is the God of healing. During Jesus' earthly ministry, He performed many miracles, healing many sicknesses and raising people from the dead. Jesus gave His disciples authority to heal many sicknesses and cast out demons for those who were demon-possessed. Luke 9:1-2 says, "One day Jesus called together his twelve disciples and gave them power and authority to cast out all demons and to heal all diseases. Then he sent them out to tell everyone about the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick." We have to understand that the main reason that Jesus healed people and gave his disciples the authority to heal others was that He wanted people to believe that He was God and the Savior that our Heavenly Father had sent. Healing was the means to prove to people that He was God. In today's healing crusade, many people are emphasizing miracle healing rather than believing in God's will in their lives. As a result, when they did not receive miracle healing, they were confused about their faith in the Lord Jesus. Many of them walked away from their faith in the Lord because they never received their healing. 


Our spiritual salvation is more important than our healing from sickness. Our healing is only temporary in this world, but our spiritual salvation is eternal. Everyone that Jesus healed and raised from the dead from the gospels eventually died. The reason is that our earthly bodies are not meant to live forever on this earth. The final destination for those who believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior is Heaven. We are all passing through this earth. Our attitude toward our healing should be for the will of our Heavenly Father. We can still pray for our healing when we are sick. We can still ask God for miraculous healing, but it will be His will to heal us. Let us reject the false teaching that says that if we pray for healing and God does not heal us, it means that we do not have enough faith or have sin in our lives. Many great believers had wonderful faith and relationship with God that God did not heal. God did not heal them because God wanted them to rest in His very presence and be with Him forever in Heaven, where there is no longer death, suffering, and sin.


God is still the God of Healing, and He still performs miraculous healing, but He heals according to His purpose and plan. Our salvation from our sins is more important than our physical healing.   


Questions for application: (Think through these questions carefully, meditate on them while answering them, and let the Spirit of God speak to you.) What is more important: being saved from my sins or my physical healing? Do I believe that God can miraculously heal me? Who determines who can be healed?


Write down all the worries you face today and lift them up to God.



Dear Father in Heaven, You are the God of Healing, and you are still healing people today. I also realize that it is according to your will that you heal people. You know the number of my days on this earth, and I pray that I will continue to trust you and submit to your will. I praise you, for my life is always in your mighty and loving hands. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen. 


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