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Now that God has given us a way to communicate with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ, God's expectation for us is to communicate with Him constantly. Prayer is not an option for God, but prayer is essential to our relationship with Him. Without our communication with God, we will never be able to make it through this world. God, by His sovereign decision, chooses to work through our prayers. As a result, prayer is not an option for us, but it is our life. Prayer is a privilege that God has given us because we can reach out to God, who created us and the universe, for guidance, provision, and wisdom. We have a God that we can cry out for help and can perform miracles beyond our imaginations. He has the power that we need to carry us through this life.

Through our communication with Him, we can talk to Him as if we are talking to another person, except He is God. We can thank and express our gratitude to our heavenly Father for every good thing that He has done in our lives, especially our salvation. We can ask for forgiveness for all the sins that we have done. Confessing, acknowledging, and asking God for forgiveness for our sins are crucial parts of our relationship with Him. We don't need to hide our sins to God and live in guilt and shame. We can confess them to God and ask for forgiveness and move on. We can pray for others, especially for their salvation. We can pray for the people that we care about for healing, provision, guidance, etc. Lastly, we can pray for our own needs. We can ask God for healing, provision, guidance, and wisdom. When we communicate all these things to God, God is blessed because these are the things that He wants us to communicate with Him constantly.

When we ask God for something, and God does not grant us our request, we need to remind ourselves that God has a better plan for our lives. We need to trust and worship Him. If God has not shut the door to our prayer request, and we are still waiting for an answer, we need to wait patiently and worship Him because God is still at work. If God grants us our prayer request, we need to thank and worship Him. Regardless of His answers to our prayer requests, we need to worship Him because He answers our prayers according to His perfect plan in our lives.

Ask yourself these questions: Why is it important for me to pray every day? What are the things that I can communicate with God today? Do I believe that God listens to my prayer?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for giving me the wonderful privilege to communicate with you. Forgive me for not communicating with you enough. Thank you for always listening to my prayers. Please help me now with (mention your prayer requests). In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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