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Before the Apostle Paul became a Christian, he was a very famous and powerful young man. He was very devoted to his religion, Judaism. In his religious studies, Paul was the best in his class. He was following every rituals and practices in his religion because he believed that by following all of them, it would draw him closer to God. He started hating and persecuting the Christians because he thought that the Christians were the enemies of his religion. Later in his life, he became a Christian because Jesus revealed Himself to him on the road to Damascus. He was blinded for three days until a Christian named Ananias prayed for him.

After regaining his sight, He became a follower of Jesus Christ, and he pursued to know the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. He then started being persecuted by the people that he used to be with because he began to tell people about Jesus. Although Paul lost everything, like his good reputation, power, money, and comfortable life, he instead lived his life for the Lord Jesus and received eternal life.

Just like Paul, we need to live our lives for our Lord Jesus. We need to pursue God in knowing Him so that we can follow, trust, and worship Him. We need to continue to study the Bible, pray to him daily and obey Him. Our daily devotion is a crucial part of our relationship with Him because this is where we can learn to hear His voice in our hearts. When we live our lives for our Lord Jesus and put Him first in everything that we do, God blesses our lives because He can easily direct and guide us in the right direction. Let us not be afraid of completely surrendering our lives to Him because when we surrender our lives to Him, we will find our purpose and the beautiful plan of God in our lives. We will never regret it just like the Apostle Paul did in his life.

Ask yourself these questions: What is stopping me in completely surrendering my life to Jesus if I believe that God has a beautiful plan in my life? Do I want to live my life according to my own way and not knowing where it will end up, or do I trust the Lord Jesus and live my life for Him?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Lord Jesus, thank you for giving your life for me on the cross so that I can be forgiven of my sin and have eternal life. Please help me to live for you so that I can walk in your ways for your ways is better than my ways. You know everything, and you care about me. Please help me to continue to spend time with you in my daily devotion so that I can know and understand your ways more and live for you. Please help me with (mention your prayer requests). In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


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