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I like to watch marvel movies, such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, etc. because they have superpowers to protect the world from evil. Yet, they conceal their powers until they need to use them. As God's children, we are somewhat the same as marvel heroes. We do not have special powers, but we have the Spirit of God living in us to guide and empower us to do what God calls us to do. We do not save the world from evil, but God is using us to lead people to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ that they can be saved from sin and death. It is true that we are suffering and experiencing death in this world, but the truth about us is that we have the eternal life that awaits us. Our Lord Jesus Christ has conquered death for us. As a result, death no longer has power over us.

We are victorious in our Lord Jesus Christ. He has conquered sin and death for us. We have been promised of eternal life in Heaven. As we await on that day when we pass from this earth to eternal life in heaven, God promised us that He would be with us and never forsake us no matter what happens on this earth. The truth about us is that we are victorious children of God. We will overcome any problems and sufferings we face today because God is with us. Health, finances, relationships, singleness, marriage, family, loneliness, depression, education, and work problems are temporary. They will all end someday because God will rescue us once and for all from the sufferings of this world.

We have to look at all of our problems and remind ourselves that all these problems are temporary because we are already victorious in Christ Jesus. We need to live our lives like superheroes that are victorious. Let us not forget this simple truth about us: we are victorious. Whatever difficult problems we face today, let us remember that we will overcome these problems because we are already victorious in Christ Jesus. Jesus will overcome them for us. Let us stay confident and fix our eyes on Jesus!

Ask yourself these questions: What does the Bible say about me? Why am I victorious? What does it mean to be victorious?

Write down all the worries you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you that I am victorious through my Lord Jesus. Thank you that I have overcome the sufferings and death of this world because of what Jesus has done in my life. Everything that I am experiencing in this world is temporary, and someday I will live a new life that is no longer susceptible to death and suffering. Please help me to see myself as you see me, that I am victorious. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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