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The death of our Lord Jesus Christ did not only save us from our sin, but it also changed our lives. When we were born, we inherited the sin of Adam; as a result, we became sinners by nature. No one taught us how to sin. We automatically did sin as we grew up. I got disciplined or spanked when I was a little kid because of my disobedience. No one taught me to disobey, and I just wanted to do and get what I wanted. I remember when I was at the store, I saw a two-year-old boy screaming, crying, and kicking because he wanted candy. The mother told him, no, but the boy wasn't listening, so I asked myself, "who taught this kid not to listen to her mother?" Then I remembered that the kid had sinful nature and only Jesus Christ could change, and this is why every person in this world needs to put their faith in the Lord Jesus for them to be saved because of the sinful nature.

When we put our faith in the Lord Jesus, we became united with His death that our old self died with Him on the cross. As a result, we became a new person. Jesus Christ, who loved and gave Himself for us, is now living in us, and this is the reason our sinful nature no longer controls us. We can now choose not to sin and start doing what is right. We can now think godly thoughts instead of thinking evil thoughts. We can now stop being worried all the time and choose to trust God. We can now stop being angry all the time and start to become more patient.

As Christians, our lives change when we genuinely surrender our life to our Lord Jesus Christ because our old self has been crucified with Christ. When we are tempted to sin, let us remember that we can choose not to sin and do what is right. We need to remember that our Lord Jesus Christ, who loved and gave His life for us, lives in us, so we are never alone.

Ask yourself these questions: Why do people automatically sin? What happen to my sinful nature when I believe and surrender my life to Jesus? Who is now living in me?

Write down all the worries you face today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for sending my Lord Jesus to die on the cross for my forgiveness and dealing with my sinful nature. Please help me remember that my sinful nature has been crucified with Christ on the cross and that I can choose not to sin. Thank you, Jesus, that you are living in me, and please help me trust and live for you. In your name, I pray. Amen.


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