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When we genuinely believed and surrendered our lives to Him, we spiritually became alive. Death has no longer power over us. We have been transferred from death to life. It means that even when we physically die, we will still live because we are alive spiritually. Our God, who has a great love for us and is rich in mercy, made us alive with our Lord Jesus Christ. Because we are now alive in Christ Jesus, we need to live it out in this world. Let us not act as if we are still dead in Christ Jesus. We are alive in Christ Jesus. All the problems that we are going through, no matter how difficult they are, we will overcome them because our Lord Jesus, who made us alive, will help us to go through them. We only need to believe in Him.

As children of God, let us not set our hope in this world, but let us set our hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. The answer to the longing of our hearts is our Lord Jesus. He is the one who can bring joy and peace to our life. Let us be content in Him. Let us not be deceived that disregarding God and doing whatever we want will give us peace and joy. Ultimately when everything is said and done, we will see Him face to face, and we will answer to Him everything for what we have done in this world.

We have hope in our Lord Jesus Christ because we are alive in Him. Let us not live like we are defeated by the worries and concerns of this world. Let us stand up and rise up to live victoriously, as overcomers. Everything we are going through right now will soon pass, and we will make it through because we are alive in Christ Jesus.

Ask yourself these questions: How did God make me alive? Now that I am alive with Christ, how should I live my life? What does it mean that I have hope now and in the future to come in the Lord Jesus Christ?

Write down all the worries you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, I am thankful that I am alive with Christ Jesus. Death is no longer has power over me. Even when I physically die, I will still live. Thank you for encouraging me today that no matter what is going through my life today, everything will pass, and I will make it through because I am alive with my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the beautiful hope that I have in you. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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