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We praise the Lord because He leads us triumphantly or victoriously. We are God's beloved children, and there is nothing in this world that will happen to us without going through His hands. Regardless of what happens to us, no matter how difficult or does not make sense in our understanding, God is in control of our lives. God promised us eternal life and to provide for everything we need, but He never promised us that we would not suffer in this world. We suffer in this world because of sin. We will get sick, experience loss, and even death, but we will always triumph because this world is not our final home. Our home is in heaven. We do not belong in this world anymore, but we belong to Christ, for each one of us is His precious child. God sees our pain, tears, sorrow, sadness, loneliness, and despair, but all these things will turn into joy when we see our Heavenly Father face to face.

As we look at what is happening in the war in Ukraine, we see evil and suffering caused by sinful hearts. Believers of Christ and nonbelievers suffered the same fate. The only difference is that those who believe in the Lord who died are now enjoying the very presence of God in heaven; they are finally home. There will be a day we will be home too. However, as we wait on that day, God is using us to spread the message of the gospel to those who do not know the Lord that they may receive the same hope that we have. The message of the gospel is like a fragrant aroma that brings delight to the soul. It brings salvation to those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us continue to walk in faith and not lose heart. God sees our situations, and He cares. We are His, so He leads us triumphantly. Let us be confident that no matter how bleak our situations are, we are victorious because our God is always in control.

Ask yourself these questions: Who leads me triumphantly? What did God promise me? Where is my hope rest?

Write down all the worries you face today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, I am so glad to know that I belong to you and that you are my hope. No matter what happens to me in this world, I am triumphant or victorious because you are the one that is leading me. Please help me to let others know about my faith in you so that they may receive the hope that I have in you. Thank you for always being in control. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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