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When we genuinely believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, we are surrendering our lives to Him without any reservation. We are acknowledging in our hearts that we cannot live without Him, and we need His guidance and help in order for us to make it in this world. We have been trusting in our ways for a long time, and it is not working. We realize that we need God. We have been looking for peace and comfort from other ways other than God but to no avail. The things that we watch on TV or social media promote glamorous lifestyles and material things to make us happy, but these things do not solve our problems with loneliness. Loneliness cannot be solved with external things, such as items we can have, because loneliness is internal. Many people will use drugs, alcohol, or anything that they can use or do to alleviate their loneliness and pain, but it only drives them to a deeper end.

Loneliness is something that is affecting our hearts, and God is the only one who can heal our hearts. If we want God to heal our hearts, we need to surrender our lives to Him. When I was around 12 years old, I was sitting on the corner of the street across from the house where I grew up, and I started to think about the purpose of life. I felt like that life was just going around the circle. I would wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, eat lunch, play with my friends in the afternoon, eat dinner, sleep at night, and do the same routine the next day. So I started crying because I felt that there was no meaning in life if I was just here going around in a circle. It was three years later that I found the answer to life. I found out that life had meaning because God created us for Himself. When I gave my life to Jesus, my whole perspective in life changed.

God created us more than the material things of this world. He wants us to enjoy Him and walk in His ways. It is not about living for ourselves, but it is about living for Him. When we live for Him, we will find the purpose and meaning of life, for God created life for Himself. Satan and this world will tell us that we should live for ourselves to make us happy, but when we examine our situations, we realize that our ways only bring more pain and sorrow, and this is why we need God to guide us through this life.

Ask yourself these questions: Who is the only one who can heal my heart? Do the material things of this world can heal my heart? How should I live my life to have peace and contentment?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, I come before you this morning acknowledging in my heart that I need you. You are the only one who can heal my heart and bring peace to my life. I surrender my life to you and help me to follow your ways. Renew my mind and give me a pure heart. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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