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Have you ever wonder if God changes His mind towards us? For example, He loves us today, and tomorrow He doesn't, or He is with us today, but tomorrow He is not? Can we truly trust our heavenly Father that He will always be with us? Many people are having difficulty trusting God because they have experienced to be abandoned by their parents or their loved ones. However, our God is not a human being that changes His mind. He is the God who remains the same forever. Regardless of what is going in this world, our heavenly Father's love will remain forever; thus, He will always be with us. His love for us will never change.

What if we sin and choose to walk away from our God the Father, would He continue to love us? Yes, He will continue to love us because we are His precious children. Just like our earthly parents, if we disobey them, we remain as their children. However, our heavenly Father loves us so much that He will discipline and correct us so that we can continue to walk in the right direction. Our heavenly Father knows that if we continue to walk in the path of rebellion and sin, we will never be satisfied, and eventually, it will lead us to destruction.

Be encouraged today that our heavenly Father remains the same, and He will never change His love to us. Continue to trust Him. Give your life and future to Him.

Write down your prayer request today.


Father in heaven thank you for being my Father. Thank you that you are always faithful. Thank you for loving me. I lift up my (mention your prayer request) to you. Thank you for loving me forever. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


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