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There is a point in our life that the circumstance that we are in is impossible for us to handle. The word "body" in the verse represents everything about our physical body, such as strengths and capabilities. There are situations in our lives that our physical efforts are not enough to handle our problems. For example, our physical bodies will soon fail and fall apart through sickness and disaster. The word "heart" in the verse represents our souls and emotions. We face situations in our lives that are unbearable to handle emotionally and mentally. We can get discouraged that drives us to hopelessness and depression. The wonderful thing about our Heavenly Father is that when our bodies and our hearts fail, He remains the strength of our lives. Our Heavenly Father is more than strong enough to carry us through our problems that seem impossible for us to handle.

When we have relationships problems, facing physical challenges, experiencing financial hardships, dealing with difficult co-workers or bosses, or having jobs situations, God is not surprised by all of our challenges. Our Heavenly Father knows when we are overwhelmed, and He helps us go through them as we trust Him through the process. We may not understand our problems completely, but He does. The phrase "portion forever" in the verse represents our belonging to God. We belong to God, and He is our hope, peace, and contentment in our lives. God does not only help us to go through life, but He is the only one who can give us hope, contentment, and peace because we belong to Him. We are His children, and He does not forsake or reject His children.

As believers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we need to be encouraged that our Heavenly Father is faithful to carry us through every time we face situations beyond our strength and wisdom. We need to pray to God for help and trust in Him completely. We belong to Him as His precious children, and we have hope because He promised that He takes care of His children forever.

Ask yourself these questions: What should I do when I face difficult situations in my life? What did God promise me that He would do when I face impossible problems?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for being my strength when I go through difficult problems. Would you please help me trust you completely in my situation and listen to your instructions on how you want me to respond to my concerns? Thank you that I belong to you as your child. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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