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God loves us to come to Him for rest. He knows that He is the only one who can give us rest from our weariness and heavy burden. The word "rest" that He is talking about in the above verse refers to "being at peace in heart and mind." It is like being in a lifeboat in a heavy storm on high seas that the waves keep on crashing down on it, but the captain is at complete peace because he knows that his lifeboat will keep on floating no matter what the conditions are. Jesus is our lifeboat in the middle of our storm. As we completely trust in Him and surrender our burdens in Him, God will give us peace in our hearts.

God is always bigger than our biggest problem. Every day when we wake up, He sustains us with air to breathe. He directs the sun to come up to give us heat and light during the day. He provides rain for us to have water to drink and to water the ground for our sustenance. Every problem and concern that we have, He knows. Nothing surprises Him because He is always in control. We get tired and weary because of the physical activities that we do daily and the emotional burden that we carry deep inside of us. We are concerned about many things, such as our jobs, finances, health, school, families, relationships, safety, weather, food, water, clothing, housing, present situations, past failures, future, etc. But with all of these concerns, God is still our God who can take care of us.

So how do we enter in His rest? God made it simple for us by encouraging us to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many religions teach that people have to perform ceremonial rituals to find God's favor or say a particular religious mantra to get God's attention. However, the Bible simply tells us to come to Jesus just as we are with our burdens and believe in Him. As we believe and trust our God in our situation, we will enter in His rest. When we trust God with our problems, we give Him our problems to help us deal with them. We just need to find a place to sit down and pour all our burdens on Him. And the God who loves and cares about us will listen to our burdens and give us rest in the process.

Ask yourself these questions: Who can give me rest when I am weary and have a heavy burden? Do I trust God that He can give me rest? What should I do when I am tired and have a heavy burden?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in heaven, thank you that I can pour my heavy burdens on you. Thank you that you always listen to my prayers and concerns. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for providing me a way to come to the Father by simply believing in you. Please give me the wisdom and the strength to resolve all the concerns that I have today. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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