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One of the greatest characters of our heavenly Father is that He is always faithful to us as His children. He will never abandon us or forsake us no matter what our situations are. He is not like a father who leaves His children. There is a girl who was born into a wealthy family. Growing up, she had everything that she wanted. But one thing that was missing in her life was her father. Although she was living with both of her parents, she never had quality time with her father, because her father was always working or meeting with people. There were many times she did wish that her father was with her, especially when she needed advice or comfort. Her father never presents in her life, so she started getting attention from her friends. She eventually got into drugs and relationship problems. Later in her life, she became a believer in Jesus Christ. One of her friends invited her to a Bible study, and for the first time in her life, she realized that she had a Father in heaven who loved her. Since then, she never felt alone, because every time she needed help, she always prayed to our heavenly Father.

Our heavenly Father is not just a God who is in heaven sitting in His throne and surrounded by His angels; He is a God who is active in our lives. He is never too busy that He does not have time for each one of us. All of us are equally important to Him. God does not have favoritism. He is always thinking about us even when we do not think of Him.

If our heavenly Father is with us all the time, then we should not be fearful, but always be strong and courageous. It should give us confidence that no matter what happens, our heavenly Father will never leave us nor forsake us.

Write down all your prayer requests. Thank God for being your heavenly Father.


Father in heaven, thank you for always being with me. Thank you that no matter what my situation is, you are always with me. Please continue to help me to trust in you. Please help me to listen to you because you know what is best for my life. Please help me with (mention your prayer requests). Thank you. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


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