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The above verse has been one of the verses in the Bible that have been misunderstood. Many people picture Jesus as a very kind and loving God that He will give us whatever we ask Him. After all, He said in this verse that whatever we wish, it would be done for us. However, there is a condition that we need to follow in order for our Lord Jesus to give us what we wish. It says that if we abide in Him and His word, ask whatever we wish, and He will do it for us. Abiding in Him and His Word means that we need to trust and walk according to His Word.

The reason that we need to spend time with Him in prayer and His word before He gives us whatever we wish is that as we spend time with Him and His Word, we will know His heart. As we know His heart, we will know His will in our lives. God has a beautiful plan in our lives. He wants to bless our lives and give us a future that honors Him. Satan always lies to us in our mind that our plan is better than God, or our ways are more fun than the ways of God. On the contrary, many people have messed up their lives because they chose to go with their own plans or ways. God wants us to have a successful life, and this is the reason He wants us to know His will in our lives. God loves us so much that He only gives us the things that we ask Him if it is according to His will. If I am asking Him something that will hurt me or affect my relationship with Him, He will not grant my request.

When I was still in my first year in college, I wanted to transfer to a college in Illinois. I heard so many great things about the school, and I really wanted to go there. So, I prayed fervently for many days that our Lord Jesus would allow me to go to that college. Although that school was very good, it was very expensive. After I applied for admission to that college, I was denied because of my low GPA. I was very disappointed, but I continued to trust in the Lord, knowing that He had a wonderful plan in my life. So, I went to community college instead and studied hard. I ended up graduating in a small college in California, and after that, God led me to one of the best seminaries in the world. I learned that the good teachers from the first college that I wanted to go to went to the same seminary that I graduated from. God definitely had a better plan in my life.

Ask yourself these questions: What is the reason if God does not give me what I am asking Him? Does God not care about me if He doesn't give me what I am asking Him? How do I know God's will in my life?

Write down the things that you have learned from this lesson. List down your prayer request


Father in Heaven, thank you that you have a beautiful plan in my life. Please help me to trust you when you don’t give me what I am asking you. I believe that you have a wonderful plan in my life. Thank you for loving me. Please help me to know your will in my life as I spend time with you in prayer and your word. Please help me with (mention your prayer requests). In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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