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When the Lord Jesus Christ saved us from sin and gave us eternal life, His intention for us is not to continue living in sin or live as if He doesn't exist in our life. He is not a God who doesn't care about how we live our lives, for He cares about us. Many people do not want to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because they do not want to change; they only want a god that can help them with their problems and provide for their needs without any demands or obligations. And this is the reason people will make their own gods, hoping that the gods they worship will help and provide for their needs without any demands or obligations. Many drug cartel members in Mexico worship the angel of death. They believe that it will give them protection and success in their crime and violence if they worship it. However, it only worsens their spiritual condition and leads them to destruction.

Not so for us as true believers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are called by God to a holy living. God demands us to live a righteous life wherever we are, whether at home, work, grocery stores, driving on the road, or doing our daily chores. We have to watch our behavior and relationship with others, especially those who are close to us. Our Lord Jesus graciously saved us because He knows that sin destroys our lives, and a lifestyle of sin will lead us to despair and destruction.

There is so much joy and hope when we live in a way that God called us. God called us to a holy life, which summarizes our purpose in this world. When we live a holy life, we change our surroundings and affect the people around us with the love of Christ. Our actions and attitudes reflect the attitude of Christ. As we continue our day today, let us not give in to impatientness, outbursts of anger, jealousy, pride, discontentment, worries, judgmental attitude, but let us live in our faith in Christ and in the kindness of God.

Ask yourself these questions: What is the calling of God in my life? What does it mean to live a holy life? Am I willing to live a holy life?

Write down all the worries you face today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for calling me to live a holy life. Please help me to live it out in my life. I confess that I am still holding to the things that are not pleasing to you. Please forgive me and give me the courage, the power, and the strength to change and live in righteousness. Please help me watch how I behave today for your honor and praise. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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