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When Paul believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, he completely surrendered his life to the Lord. He gave up his comfortable and well-respected life for the sake of knowing and gaining our Lord Jesus in his life. His friends and community rejected him and even persecuted him. He had to flee from his home town to be in a safe place and join the other disciples for comfort.

When I went to Thailand several years ago for a short-term mission, I had a privilege to meet Sharon, who has been a missionary in Thailand for a long time. When Sharon came to know the Lord, her husband didn’t like it and divorced her. She found herself all alone and confused. She knew that she made the right decision to give her life to the Lord, so she started asking God for direction. This was when the Lord led her to become a missionary in Thailand. She left everything that she had and went to a mountainous area in southern Thailand to help the Karen refugees living in several camps. I was so encouraged by her faith in the Lord and her love for the people that she inspired me to serve the Lord passionately. Although she is now in her late 60s or early 70s, she still serves God passionately in Thailand. I met some of the Karen that she helped in Thailand, who are now living in Dallas, and one of them is the senior pastor of the Karen Baptist Church in Dallas. Many Karen in Thailand loved her and treated her as their mother.

To be a Christian is not just going to church on Sunday or only pray to God when we need help. It is about living for our Lord Jesus. He has given His life for us, so we are called to give up our lives for Him. It does not mean that God will lead us to become missionaries or ministers, but it means to live our lives for the Lord wherever God leads us. We can be a student or a worker and live for the Lord. Living for the Lord is to know Him by studying the Bible, spend time with Him in prayer, and obey His will in our lives no matter what the consequences are. Let us not be afraid to give it all to God. He will give us a fulfilled life in exchange.

Ask yourself these questions: What is stopping me in completely surrendering my life to my Lord Jesus? What am I afraid of in giving my life to Him? Do I have a better way of living my life than living for the Lord?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Lord Jesus, thank you for giving your life for me. Thank you for saving me. Please increase my faith to believe in you so that I can completely surrender my life to you without any reservation. I know that my ways are not perfect and often lead me to bad situations. Give me the desire to want to know you and obey your will in my life. Please forgive my rebellious attitude and give me a willing heart to surrender everything to you. Please help me with (mention your prayer requests). In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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