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It costs the forgiver something every time he forgives someone. Let us look at the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. In order for God to forgive us, Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross. One of the reasons we have difficulty forgiving someone, especially if our offenders hurt us so much, is that we want to get even, or we do not want to let go of the wrong things they had done to us. Tim Keller, one of the known Bible teachers, said, "Forgiveness always comes at a cost to the one granting the forgiveness. To not to retaliate is to absorb the cost." When Jesus was being mocked and tortured, He did not retaliate. He could have, but He chose not to because He wanted to fulfill our Heavenly Father's will. Every time God forgives us, we need to be grateful that He is willing to pay the cost of our forgiveness.

Our forgiveness is not cheap, but it is priceless. It cost our forgiveness the life of our Lord Jesus. As we receive forgiveness from our Heavenly Father, we need to consider how much it costs Him. In the same manner, when we receive forgiveness from others, we need to consider also that it costs them something to forgive us. Although when we forgive others costs us something, it is important to forgive because, without forgiveness, there is no relationship. And without a relationship, our life will not have meaning, for God created us for relationship. Forgiveness is a vital part of our relationship with God and with others.

As we go through our daily activities, we need to thank and praise God that He was willing to accept the cost of our forgiveness. In the same manner, we also need to be thankful for those who have forgiven us, for they cost them also to forgive us. Forgiveness is not cheap, but it is priceless.

Ask yourself these questions: What did my Lord Jesus cost him to forgive me of my sin? How did I feel every time I received forgiveness? Do I value my forgiveness?

Write down all the worries you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for accepting the price of my forgiveness. I am forgiven of my sin today because of what my Lord Jesus had done on the cross. Please help me never to forget that my forgiveness is not cheap. I also thank the people that extended forgiveness to me over the years. May you please help to forgive and willing to accept the cost of forgiveness. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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