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Since David was a skillful harp musician, He became King Saul's musician. Every time he became distressed, he would ask David to play music to make him feel better. When David killed Goliath, he put him over his men of war and continued to be his musician. As the LORD continued to bless David, he became famous in Israel. As a result, King Saul became jealous of David and wanted to kill him. One day, as David was playing his harp to make King Saul feel better, King Saul threw a spear at him to kill him, but he was able to dodge the spear and escaped from King Saul's presence. David remained faithful to King Saul because he trusted God in his situation.

Like David, all of us have gone through bad days. We are doing what we are supposed to, but it seems like everything is not working. I remember when I was going to my first day at work. I was very excited and looking forward to being there on time, and then I had a flat tire. It took me 30 minutes to change my tire, so I had to speed up to get there on time, but then I got pulled over by a cop for speeding. Needless to say, I was having a bad day. I started getting worried about my new job, and then the Spirit of God gently encouraged me to pray and trust in the Lord. I took a deep breath, pause a little bit, and started praying for my situation.

We may be going through a bad day today. I just want to encourage all of us to pause, take a deep breath, pray for our situations, and trust the Lord. There are situations that we do not have control over. And getting upset, angry, or worry does not resolve our problem. As we pray and trust in the Lord, it gives us a clear mind to handle our situation wisely. David eventually became Israel's king, and I didn't lose my job even though I was an hour late on my first day of work. God worked it all out. Do not let our bad days control us, but let us control our bad days with our faith in the Lord.

Ask yourself these questions: What should I do when I am having a bad day? Do I believe that God has control over my situations? Do I trust God over my problems?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in heaven, thank you that you remain faithful and in control of my life even in my bad days. Please help me to keep my composure and trust in you. Please do not let my bad days control me, but please help me to control my bad days with my faith in you. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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