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As Jesus and His disciples were on their way back to Jerusalem, they passed by Jericho, which was about 15 miles Northeast of Jerusalem. A blind man named Bartimaeus began crying out to Jesus to heal his blindness. Many people heard him crying out to Jesus, and they tried to quiet him down, but he kept on calling Jesus for healing. Jesus stopped and told His disciples to call him. When Bartimaeus got to Jesus, Jesus asked him, "What do you want Me to do for you?" Bartimaeus answered, "Rabboni (My Master), I want to regain my sight!" And Jesus said to him, "Go your way, your faith has made you well." And Immediately, he regained sight and began following Jesus on the road. (Mark 10:46-52).

When Bartimaeus trusted and believed in his heart that Jesus could heal him, he regained his sight. However, the focus on his healing is not so much about the healing but it is about his faith. When only a few people believed in Jesus, He didn't hesitate to believe because he realized that Jesus was the only one he got to receive his healing. There are situations in our lives where our only hope is our faith in our Lord Jesus. Our faith in itself does not have the power, nor can we use our faith to command Jesus on what to do, but our faith allows us to enter into the very presence of God and plead for our needs. And through God's sovereign will, He will answer our needs according to His will in our lives. There are false teachings out there that if you have faith in Jesus, He will give you anything you ask Him, and if God does not give you what you are asking Him, you do not have enough faith in Him.

Our faith in God is not about us, but it is about His will in our lives. We believe in Jesus because He can heal and help us, but ultimately, His will in our lives will be done. God knows what is best for us. There are times He grants us what we are asking Him, and there are times He doesn't, but He remains faithful to us because He will always provide everything we need. So let us keep on walking in faith in Him. Let us always go before Him, plead for all our needs, and trust His answers to our prayers. He always hears our prayers and cares about us.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I have faith as Bartimaeus has? What must I do when I plead my needs to the Lord? Do I believe that God listens to my prayers and answers them according to His plan in my life?

Write down all the worries you face today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for always listening and answering my prayers according to your wonderful plan in my life. I may sometimes not completely understand your will in my life, but I trust you because you love and care about me. I pray for (mention your specific needs today). In Your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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