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God is the very beginning or foundation of wisdom in the world. Everything that humankind has ever known, such as astronomy, history, science, math, philosophy, sociology, medicine, psychology, etc. are from God’s creation. Scientists and Engineers are always pushing science and technology to discover the unknown, especially in the medical field and space. However, everything that they have found and discovered is already known by God because He created everything in this world. In actuality, humankind is only discovering and understanding everything that God has already made.

Since God is the creator of everything, He is the only one who can give humankind the ability to know His creation. And for God to provide us with wisdom, we need to fear Him. The word “fear” in this verse means “reverence or worship” before God. When we worship Him and put Him first in our lives, He can give us wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of everything that we need to know.

When I was still in college, I went to a Bible college in California. I didn’t realize how tough this school was. They had given us so much paper to write, projects, and books to read. I was struggling because I wasn’t a good student when I was in high school. I barely passed high school because all I did was playing basketball and hanging out with my friends. However, in my time in this college, all I did was studying and working at the school cafeteria. Even with all the time that I put into my classes, I was still behind and struggling. I was stressing out and panicking that I would not finish all my projects, and I would fail my classes. It was at that time that the Lord wanted me to spend time with Him and trust Him with all my classes. So I got up from my desk, pick up my Bible, and went to a small hill outside my dorm. It was there that I poured out my fear, frustration, and asked God to give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in all of my classes. God answered my prayer. After 15mins of spending time with Him, I went back to my dorm and started typing the papers that I needed to write. To my surprised, I easily finished all the papers that I needed to write, and I was able to study for the exam that I had the following day. God gave me the wisdom to pass all my classes.

In order for us to have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in our classes and work, we need to prioritize our time with God. He is the only one who can give us an understanding of all the projects that we are working on. Spend time with Him every day. Start with 15mins, and you will see the result.

Ask yourself these questions: where do all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding come from? How do you get wisdom, knowledge, and understanding? What are the subjects in school or situations at work that you need wisdom, knowledge, and understanding?

Write down any prayer request that you may have to the Lord and pray specifically for all of them.


Father in heaven, thank you that you are the beginning of wisdom. I pray that you will give me wisdom, understanding, knowledge in ________________. I pray that you will help me to spend time with you every day and trust you. May you help me now with (mention your prayer requests). In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

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