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The very foundation of our salvation is His unconditional love. John 3:16 says that "For God so LOVED the world (people) that He gave His only Son (Jesus Christ) to die on the cross so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." God allowed Himself to experience death and suffering because He loves us. There is a song titled "Reckless love." One of the verses says this, "When I was Your foe, still Your love fought for me. You have been so, so good to me. When I felt no worth, You paid it all of for me. But You have been so, so kind to me." and the bridge of the song says this, "There's no shadow You won't light up, Mountain You won't climb up coming after me. There's no wall You won't kick down, Lie You won't tear down coming after me." This song expresses the strong and deep love that God has for us.

If God has so loved us, we should not worry about tomorrow because His love will carry us through. God saves us because of His love, God sustains and helps us because of His love, and God keeps us forever because of His love. Our sufferings and the hardships that we are going through cannot be compared with God's Love that He has for us. Even when we are in sin, God still loves us, but He will not tolerate our sinful behavior because He loves us. He will convict us of our sin and discipline us to save us from destroying ourselves with sin. When I was a kid, my father spanked me a lot because I did very foolish things and didn't listen. When he was spanking me, I didn't like Him because he was hurting me. However, as I got older, I realized that the reason my father disciplined me was that he loved me and wanted to protect me from hurting myself.

The greatest thing about God's love towards us is that we cannot step out of His love. There is not a moment that God does not love us to the fullest. So when we are discouraged and tired, we need to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that God's loves will carry us through.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I believe that God loves me unconditionally? Do I trust His love? Is there a moment that God does not love me?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you that your love towards me is always consistent even when I am failing you. Thank you that your love toward me will always carry me through. Please teach me to love you back with my life. Please help me now with (mention your prayer requests). In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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