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It is easy for us to forget the actual value of ourselves in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, especially in our world today. We tend to base our value on the standard of this world, such as our appearance (weight, height, color, etc.), age, possessions (cars, house, etc.), finances, job and community status, education, etc. However, we are much more than the standard of this world. We are the crown of God's creation. Our standard is the beauty and the holiness of God. When God created us, He created us with His love, beauty, and endearment. We are all beautiful and important in the eyes of God, no matter what the world says about us. Our Lord Jesus emptied Himself with His privileges in Heaven and bought us with His precious blood that He shed on the cross so that we become His prized possession.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we need to remind ourselves that we are beautiful, loved, and important in God's eyes. The standard by which the world judges us will soon fade away, and the only thing that matters is how our Heavenly Father sees us with His loving eyes. I met a woman at a massive garbage dump in the Philippines on a short-term mission several years ago. She was living there collecting plastics and cardboard to sell to support her family. Her smile and contentment caught my attention, so I started talking to her, hoping to share the gospel, but to my surprised, she was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. As I continued to speak to her, I was encouraged by her testimony. She put her trust and value in the God she believed in. She didn't have the world's luxuries, but she had peace and contentment because she knew who she was in God's eyes. She was a precious daughter of the Most High God, and someday, she would live in Heaven, where gold is a common commodity.

Let us not forget who we are in our Heavenly Father's eyes. We need to stop seeing ourselves through the standards of this world but through the lens of God's love. This world's social media and entertainment will lead us to crave for something more that can never satisfy us. Only our Heavenly Father can fulfill the desires of our hearts.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I see my value through the standard of this world or through God's love and compassion? What does God say about me?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you that my value is in you and not on the standard of this world. Thank you that I am a crown of your creation and your prized possession. Please help me to be content in you and be thankful for the future hope that I have in you. Please help me never to forget who I am in you that I am your precious child. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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