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Elijah was one of the great prophets in the Old Testament. The LORD sent him to Israel to bring drought in the land in punishment of the cult of Baal that Jezebel, the wife's king, was promoting. Eventually, Elijah challenged 450 prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel to determine which God is the true God of Israel. They placed sacrifices on the altar to Baal and one to the LORD. Both parties would ask their God(s) to send fire from heaven and consume the sacrifices. Whichever God(s) would consume the sacrifices, He would be the true God of Israel. So Baal's prophets cried out to their gods but to no avail. Then Elijah cried out to the LORD, and the LORD sent fire and consumed the sacrifice on the altar. On that day, Elijah was very blessed to see the LORD prevail, and he ordered to kill all the prophets and priests of Baal. When Jezebel heard what happened, she pursued Elijah to avenge the Baal's prophets and priests, so Elijah fled to the wilderness and was very afraid to the point that he asked God to take him away. He thought that he was the only prophet left, but God comforted him and told him that 7,000 prophets other than him had not bowed down to Baal. It is very interesting that Elijah's feeling shifted from being very confident in God, and in an instant, he was terrified and wanted to die.

Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is not based on our feelings but our faith in Him. Our feelings are mainly based on our experience or perception. For example, depending on our experience in a situation, our feelings are affected. When Elijah saw the power of God sending fire to consume the sacrifice on the altar, his faith was strengthened. However, when he heard that Jezebel was going to pursue and kill him, he felt threatened and was very afraid and wanted to die. He fled to the wilderness and thought that he was the only prophet left.

In our relationship with our Heavenly Father, we need to walk by our faith, not our feelings. Regardless of how we feel, God's truth in our life will never change because our God is unchanging, and his love for us is consistent even when we are rebelling against Him. So when we feel that God does not care or has rejected us, we need to reject those feelings because they are lies from Satan, for God will never forsake His children. When we feel that we don't need God anymore or we can live in whatever or however we want to live our lives, even neglecting our God, we need to reject those feelings because they are lies from Satan, for God is the provider of our lives.

Ask yourself these questions: How should I live my Christian walk? Why is it important to walk by faith and not by my feelings?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, your truth will always remain regardless of how I feel. Please help me to walk by faith and not by my feelings. Please help me to completely trust in you even when I feel you are not enough. Please do not allow my feelings to control my faith, but my faith in you will supersede my feelings. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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