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As people around Galilee heard about the miracles that Jesus had done, the whole city started coming to him with all kinds of sicknesses and people who were demon-possessed (Mark 1:33). He healed many of them into the night, including Peter's mother-in-law. The next day before daylight, Jesus went to a quiet place and spent with the Father in prayer. No matter how busy or tired He was, He never neglected His time with the Father because that's where He regained His strength as He fellowshipped with the Father. It was also the time when Jesus refocused everything on the will of the Father, for He came to fulfill His Father's will.

Later on that day, He healed a leper by touching him. During this time, there was no cure for leprosy, and it was considered a highly contagious sickness. As a result, the lepers were cast out of the city. They were not allowed to worship in the temple because they were considered unclean. And anyone who would touch them would also be considered unclean. However, Jesus did not care about their religious traditions. All He cared about was demonstrating His compassion to the leper and healing him (Mark 1:29-45).

Our time with our Father in prayer is the most important part of our day as children of God because it is when we refocus our lives on God's will and rely on His power and wisdom. Let us not neglect our time with God so that we do not drift away from Him. Let us not allow the business of life that we neglect the most important part of our life. No matter how we have fallen or made a mistake, God always accepts us, for He has compassion on us, just like He had compassion on the leper. Every time we sin, we become unclean, but Jesus can always make us clean. So let us set aside time every day to spend time with our Father in prayer.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I spend time with the Father in prayer every day? Why is it important to spend time with the Father every day? How do I improve my time with the Father?

Write down all the worries you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for your compassion and love towards me. Thank you for providing me access to you through my Lord Jesus. Please help me to spend time with you every day so that I may realign my life to your will and rely on your strength and wisdom. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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