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Everything that we see, touch, feel, smell, hear, and taste are all God's creation. Even the things that we do not see that exist in this world, God created them all. All the angels, including the fallen angels, such as Satan, were created by God. This earth that we are living in is created and sustained by God. Earth will not exist if God does not protect and hold it in His hand. We live and exist because God allows us to survive. He can easily take away our air, sun, and water if He wants to, but He continues to allow us to exist because He has a reason and purpose.

Everything that God created is created through Him and for Him. God created humankind to worship, serve, and honor Him, and this is the reason we exist. The reason many people are not satisfied in life even though they have everything in this world is that they do not have a relationship with God. They try to live life outside of the will of God, and they never satisfy. The highest suicide rate in the world is in places where people are rich and wealthy. After gaining the wealth of this world, having the family that they wanted, getting the relationship that they are looking for, and achieving their careers, they are still empty because they are disregarding God in their lives.

The bible says that the time is coming that every knee will bow down before our Lord Jesus, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. God created us to worship, serve, and honor Him in every area of our lives. We can glorify Him in our school, in our sports, in our work, in our relationships, in our families, and in our homes. When we worship, serve, and honor Him, we are living out the life that God designed us to be, and this is where we will find joy and contentment in our hearts.

In your prayer this morning, let us thank God that God created us with a purpose. Let us ask Him to help us to worship, serve, and honor Him in every area of our life. Lift your prayer concern and request to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for creating me with a purpose. Please help me to worship, serve, and honor you in every area of my life. Thank you for opening my eyes to your truth. I lift up (mention your prayer requests)to you. Thank you for today and may you be with now. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen


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