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The word "predestined" means "established or decided in advance." God had decided with His pleasure and will that we would be adopted as His children before He created the heavens and the earth. Even before we existed, God already knew us. He knew where we were born and live. For example, God decided with His own power that I would be born in a Filipino family who lived in America. It was not my own decision to be an Asian-American. God could have chosen for me to be born in a slum somewhere in Asia, Europe, South America, or the Middle East. However, no matter where we were born, God had decided before we existed that we would become His adopted children. But our adoption didn't become a reality in our lives until we used our own free-will to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.

As His adopted children, we now belong to Him. Our citizenship is now in heaven, which is far more better than our citizenship in this world. We are not meant to live in this world forever. We are meant to live in heaven for eternity. We are all just passing through this earth. In God's timing, God will either take us home through death or He will come for us to take us home to be with Him while we are still alive on this earth.

Do not lose hope when you are going through difficult situations. God always takes care of His children. We must believe that He cares for us and that He knows what is going on in our lives. As His children, we need to obey our heavenly Father because He knows what is best for us. We would never be able to live the life that He wanted us to have if we are not willing to follow and walk in His ways. Do not let this world influence your life on how you should live your life, but live according to the ways of God, and you will have fulfilled life on this earth.

Pray that the Lord will help you to trust and live for Him. Thank the Lord that you are now a child of God. Lift up all your prayer requests to our heavenly Father for cares for His children.


Father in heaven, thank you for adopting me as your child. Thank you that I have a citizenship in heaven, and someday I will live in that perfect world with you. Please help me to continue to trust in (mention your prayer request) you while I'm still on this earth. Help me to obey and follow you so that I can live a fulfilled life that is according to your will. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


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