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Good leaders are good followers. God had been teaching Joseph to be a good follower since he became a slave. Joseph learned to follow or obey God no matter what circumstances he was in. Everything that he did, he did for God; as a result, Joseph always put his heart into everything that he was doing, even no one could see what he was doing. Thus, people noticed that he was trustworthy because he was honest and reliable. After Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's (the king of Egypt) dreams, he gave Pharaoh some suggestions on dealing with the coming seven years of famine. He suggested that Pharaoh would choose a discerning and wise man to be in charge of collecting and saving food for the first seven years so that during the following seven years of famine, Pharaoh's kingdom would have plenty of food. Joseph suggested collecting 1/5 of the harvest from his entire kingdom for seven years and storing and guarding them for the coming famine. Pharaoh liked Joseph's suggestions and made him the second in command of the whole land of Egypt. Only Pharaoh was higher than him. Thus, Joseph became one of the greatest leaders in the history of Egypt. (Genesis 41:33-43).

When I was a missionary in the Philippines for five years, I taught Bible classes at Calvary Chapel Training Center. But when I came back to the U.S.A to study at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) to get my Master in Theology to further my training, I needed to find a job for seven months before transferring to DTS in the Spring of 2008. The only job that my church could provide me was a janitorial position. At first, I didn't like it especially cleaning dirty and stinky toilets and cleaning floors when someone got sick. I complained to God, but God used my experience as a janitor to humble and teach me to be a servant. Being a servant was something that I was lacking. I know the Bible, but if I do not have a servant's heart, I will not be able to follow and obey God. Once I submitted myself to God and served Him in every circumstance that He allowed me to be in, I put my heart into it to please Him. So I cleaned the toilet and the floors as best as I could and praise God for allowing me to serve Him. Eight months later, I moved to Dallas, TX, to go to DTS. While I was a student at DTS, God led me to start a nonprofit, faith-based organization called Love Is Ministry to help and minister to the refugee community.

God lifted Joseph up to the second-highest position in Egypt because he was faithful and humble. Joseph was a changed man from being an arrogant and prideful man to becoming a servant of God. As God's children, we need to let God teach us to be servants because he will lift us up in due time. In everything we do, whether work or school, we need to do it for the Lord because it matters to Him. God may have allowed us to be in our current position right now because He is humbling our hearts and teaching us what it means to be His servants. God wants us to be godly leaders in our family, home, school, workplace, or wherever God has us at this time.

Ask yourself these questions: Am I willing to serve God in everything that I do? Am I willing to humble myself before Him so that He could fulfill His plan in my life? What happens when I humble myself to God?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in heaven, you taught me in Your Word that you sent your Son, Lord Jesus, not to be served, but to serve me by dying on the cross for my sin. Please teach me to be your servant and help me to do everything for your glory. Please forgive my pride and arrogance and give me a heart of a servant to honor you in everything that I do. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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