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The advantage of studying the entire book of Mark is that we are learning about the life, the teaching, and the work of our Lord Jesus, according to Mark. (Mark is one of the disciples that God chose to write about Jesus through the guidance of the Holy Spirit). When we study an entire book, we discuss whatever topic we encounter and let the Bible speak into our hearts. Too often, when we do a topical way of studying the Bible, we choose what we want to study, but when we do a chapter-by-chapter or verse-by-verse study of a particular book of the Bible, we are able to allow the entire book to speak into our hearts, and there are times that the book that we are studying will lead us to talk about a topic that is controversial in our society today. When dealing with a controversial topic, it is easy for us to speak what's in our minds before we look at the Bible and find out what it says.

As followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we need to allow the Bible to speak to us rather than ignore what it says and follow our beliefs or opinions. We can't say what many people say, "I believe that Jesus died for my sin, but I do not believe some of the things that the Bible teaches." We must follow the entire Word of God if we completely surrender our lives to God. We need to allow the Word of God to renew our minds and not let the culture of today dictates what we believe or shape our thinking. Sometimes, the teaching and opinions of others make sense, but we still need to filter them through the Word of God. The Bible should supersede any culture, custom, ideas, opinions, and teachings of this world.

Jesus confronted the teaching of the religious leaders during his time. He was outnumbered and suffered persecution, but that did not mean He was wrong. Jesus dealt with divorce and gender issues and abided by His Word. The challenge for us today is whether we are willing to stand for the Word of God or are we struggling to believe everything His Word says. We either accept that the Bible is His Word or not. If we believe that the Bible is the Word of God, we need to accept it as a whole, not partially. I am laboring on the importance of believing what the Word of God says because next week, we will discuss what Jesus says about divorce and gender. And we need to understand these issues according to His Word.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I believe the Bible is the Word of God? Do I allow God to speak to me through His Word? What should I do when my beliefs or opinions contradict the Bible?

Write down all the worries you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, You are God, and You sent Jesus to die for my sin, and I believe the Bible is your Word. Please help me to live according to your Word even when my own understanding contradicts your Word. Please help me understand and teach me your ways, for your ways are better than mine. Please help me to surrender my life to you and your Word. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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