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Jesus told the disciples another parable that pertains to the kingdom of God. He compared the kingdom of God to a mustard seed. Mustard seed is one of the seeds that Jews plant in their gardens. Although a mustard seed is smaller than the common seed, it becomes one of the biggest plants when it grows. A mustard plant is known to grow about 15 feet, large enough to have small branches that the birds can rest from its shades. A mustard plant has a lot of benefits: the leaves can eat as vegetables, and the seeds can be used as condiments. The meaning of the parable is that although the kingdom of God started as a small seed, the kingdom of God grows into one of the biggest plants that even the birds can rest in its shades. The kingdom of God started as small because it started with Jesus and His apostles. Now, it has grown to millions of followers of Christ all over the world; even the unbelievers, which represent the birds, can benefit from it.

The kingdom of God, whose foundation is Jesus Christ, will never be shaken no matter what happens in this world. Satan and his followers will try to stop it, but they will always fail because Jesus is greater than anyone or any force in the face of this world. The people that are currently rejecting Jesus and persecuting His name will someday be judged without remedy. The reason Jesus has not judged the world yet is that He is waiting patiently for the unbelievers to repent (2 Peter 3:9). But there will be a day that the door of the kingdom of God will be closed, and anyone outside the door will be condemned forever.

So what is our responsibility in this world as God's children? Our responsibility is to become salt and light in this world. We need to influence others with the love, kindness, and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is using us, His children, to continue to expand His kingdom in this world. As a result, we must be diligent in trusting and walking with our God daily.

Ask yourself these questions: How does a person enter the kingdom of God? While waiting for God to take me home to His eternal kingdom in Heaven, how should I live my life now? Do I firmly believe that the kingdom of God will not be overcome by evil in this world? Why?

Write down all the worries you face today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, I am blessed to know that the evil of this world can never overcome your kingdom in this world. No matter how the unbelievers reject your name and stop your truth in this country, Your name will prevail, and someday in your own timing, you will judge the wicked and take me home to be with you forever. In the meantime, please help me influence others with your love and truth so that they may have a chance to believe in you and enter your kingdom. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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