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God did not only create us for Him, but he also created us to live through Him. We live and exist for Him because these are the reasons He created us. God did not create us just to exist and die in this world without meaning and purpose. He made us for the purpose of worshiping and adoring Him. However, because of sin, we lost our purpose in life. We have chosen to live for our own selves rather than living in worshiping and adoring our God. As a result, we lost our own ways to God. But praise God who loves us so much that He saved us from our rebellion and restored our ultimate purpose in life. The more we live for God, the more we will realize the meaning of our life. As we understand why God created us, we will also learn that we are created to live through Him. Living through Him is about allowing God to direct our lives. We do things through His will. Sometimes this is difficult for us to do because we want to do things through our own ways. However, if we want God to bless our lives, we need to live our lives through His ways.

A good illustration of all of these is the water filter. The water filter is designed for the purpose of taking out the bad minerals in the water so that we can drink the water safely. The water filter exists to purify the water, just like we exist to worship and adore our God. As the water pass through the water filter, the bad minerals are separated. As a result, when the water comes out of the water filter, it is clean. Similarly, we have to live our lives through the will of God in order for us to have a life that worships and adores God. So, living for him and living through Him goes together.

May we continue to choose to live for God regardless of what is going on around us. Let us not get carried away by the ways and thinking of this world. Let us live through His will so that we can experience the freedom and joy that we have in our God.

Ask yourself these questions: What is my ultimate purpose in life? How should I live my life according to God? Am I willing to live for Him and live through Him?

Write down all the worries that you are facing today and lift them up to God.


Father in Heaven, thank you for saving my life. Thank you for showing me the meaning and purpose of my life. You created me for the purpose of worshiping and adoring you, and you want me to live my life through your will so that I can live a life that is pleasing and fulfilling to you. Please help me now with (mention your prayer requests). In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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